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How To Talk Sporty at Work

Stop feeling like the outsider. Start talking sports.
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Sometimes sports talk is just sports. It's X's and O's, stats and scores, but more often than not, sports talk at work isn't about sports at all. Sports small talk is a way to build relationships, develop rapport and establish trust with colleagues. In other words, small talk can have a big impact – if you know how to approach it.

When you learn How to Talk Sporty at Work, you'll discover:

Sports talk is not rocket science.

It's easier, especially with the strategies listed in "How to Talk Sporty at Work."

You are not expected to know everything there is to know about sports. I've been in sports broadcasting nearly 20 years and I don't know everything.

You will be able to approach sports conversations with more confidence, and less dread.

You'll be able to initiate conversations with sports-loving colleagues. (And there are a lot of them based on yearly polls that show more than half of all Americans are sports fans.) In addition, you won't hate it when those same colleagues strike up sports conversations with you, because you'll understand how those convos build relationships and rapport.

Don't make sports talk harder than it is. Sports fans want to talk sports. Give them the opportunity and they'll give you a foot in the door to bigger conversations, and a chance to build relationships that make your office more pleasant and productive.

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Veteran sports broadcaster Jen Mueller provides numerous resources available through Talk Sporty to Me, and is the author of three books. She helps you make sports talk useful in business and offers practical, easy-to-follow strategies that make you a more effective and confident conversationalist.

Commit to sports conversations on your terms. Sports topics and business applications for feeling confident in any conversation.