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Working harder doesn’t make you a better leader. Taking a different approach to conversations does. If you’re not having the right conversations with yourself and others you’re sabotaging your success without even realizing it.

Show up as the leader others already know you are with expert conversation strategies from Jen Mueller. Get the support, feedback, sounding board and encouragement you crave from a private peer group of other female leaders. 

This 5-week program provides techniques that allow you to communicate with more confidence and change counter productive conversation habits. 

Influential Conversations for Women in Leadership is a private peer group mentoring program for female leaders facilitated by Jen and designed to augment the leadership skills you’ve already developed. During this 5-week program you’ll discover:

  • 5 Ways you could be sabotaging your success even when you’re doing all the “right” things
  • A technique for delivering clear instructions without sounding bossy
  • The best way to share your success on a daily basis and the importance of owning your success.
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome by changing the way you communicate ideas and outcomes
  • Strategies for providing feedback and dealing with difficult conversations

All for just $350 for the 5-week program

Jen Mueller is an expert in the conversation skills that will help you get the most out of conversations you’re already having during the day. The result? Increased confidence in your leadership ability, better response from your team and a transformation into a leader people want to work for. 


Additional Details & Dates

Space is limited to 10 women.  

Sessions are 75 minutes long 

Each participant receives "hot seat mentorship"


  • March 6 from 8-9:15am PT
  • March 13 from 8-9:15am PT
  • March 20 from 8-9:15am PT
  • March 27 from 8-9:15am PT
  • April 3 from 8-9:15am PT

YOU matter and your perspective is important – which is why weekly attendance and participation is expected. Without you the group just wouldn’t be the same so please plan on attending every session.

Questions about if this is right for you? Send me an email: [email protected] 


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