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The Influential Conversationalist

Sitting at your desk and hoping someone notices your efforts doesn't work as a career development strategy. Talking does.
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That's why you need tools to become an Influential Conversationalist. Your talent and know-how will be the best kept secret without the ability to communicate those skills to others.

Are you talking enough to get to where you really want to be in your career?

Here's what you'll discover as an Influential Conversationalist - daily interactions develop leadership potential. Follow the strategies outline by veteran sports broadcaster Jen Mueller and you'll be able to:

What People Are Saying About
The Influential Conversationalist

Jen developed the Influential Conversationalist approach after nearly two decades in professional sports locker rooms. Her workplace conversations require the ability to communicate in high leverage, real-time situations during live interviews with athletes from diverse backgrounds. She'll give you a different take on how to approach business communication, you can take it from these folks.

“I know the book is well-written and the points are well-made, because of the way Jen interviews and interacts with us. I know it's a great book to read.”
Kam Chancellor
Seattle Seahawks Safety
“There are very few times in your life when you come across someone who 'gets it.' Jen is someone who 'gets it.' She asks the right questions, knows when the environment is necessary for a different approach. I would read the book because Jen gets it.”
Doug Baldwin
Seattle Seahawks, Wide Receiver
“A lot of people just want to get the next story or write the next big thing, but Jen actually cares. She's a genuine person in the locker room. There's not too many people in this world who care, so if you've got that you already got my attention. I trust Jen and her approach because she cares.”
Bobby Wagner
Seattle Seahawks, Linebacker
“Knowing how to talk to people, and more importantly, getting them to talk to you is vital to being a good sideline reporter. I've seen how Jen does this with players and experienced it first-hand being with her on the sidelines. If you want to understand how conversations build relationships, listen to Jen – she's pretty dang good at it.”
Erin Andrews
NFL sideline reporter
“It's a given sideline reporters talk for a living. Not all them go out of their way to build relationships like Jen does. Being a great communicator is as much about listening as it is about creating great conversation. Jen is great at that. I've seen her use that skill many times and she's mastered it. It doesn't surprise me she shared her conversation strategies in this book because she wants others to succeed. I benefit from that on the sidelines with her and now you will too in The Influential Conversationalist.”
Pam Oliver
NFL sideline reporter

Commit to sports conversations on your terms. Sports topics and business applications for feeling confident in any conversation.