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Become sports savvy by 7am every Monday morning. My weekly sports conversation starters help you look smart, save you the time of doing the research on your own and give you relevant topics to use in small talk all week long.

Know how to make sports useful in business. Sports headlines and player quotes provide a great starting point for bigger business conversations. I help you think outside the box scores and sound bites and give you useful ways to talk sports. (Perfect for sports fans, or if you work with sports fans that drive you nuts because they won’t stop talking about the game.)

Get sh*! done. That’s because they’ve got the confidence and the communication skills to make things happen and make others listen, thanks to conversation strategies I share from my career inside professional locker rooms. (Did you know that your ability to communicate is one of the top predictors of your success? The better you are at it, the more successful you’ll be.)

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Commit to sports conversations on your terms. Sports topics and business applications for feeling confident in any conversation.