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Up Your (Talk) Game

Make connections. Engage through conversation. Accelerate your potential.


Webinar: Talking to People in Person

In-person conversations are making a comeback. How confident are you in your ability to start a conversation and keep it going in real life?

Access this 30-minute recorded webinar for pro tips and conversation hacks from an expert talk and communicator.

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Why focus on improving conversations?

Conversations are the key to building meaningful relationships, and building relationships are the cornerstone of creating new opportunities, which promote growth and success. Jen Mueller—motivational speaker, author, sports broadcaster and expert talker—helps you implement proven strategies, which empower game-changing conversations that will facilitate success and accelerate your potential.


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"If you want to understand how conversations build relationships, listen to Jen; she’s pretty dang good at it."

Erin Andrews
NFL sideline reporter

About Jen

Through her motivational and inspiring keynote presentations, beneficial workshops, three advice-packed books her hands-on online workshop series (Learn from a Leader) and flourishing fan base, Jen inspires business leaders and professionals to develop the right strategies and skills to become a confident and expert communicator.


When Jen talks, people listen

Jen delivers unique , personalized keynotes and workshops through engaging, interactive, humorous and insightful storytelling. Her words are packed with actionable insights to give your audience the right tools to immediately accelerate their success through communication. Jen creates personalized topics using the latest research and based on her expertise in communication…in business and broadcasting

"Jen makes it a priority to send the audience home with content that will inspire them to become better leaders in their own lives."

Ralph Morton
Executive Director, Seattle Sports Commission

Talk Sporty to Me

700 NW Gilman Blvd. #121
Issaquah, WA 98027-5341
p: 425.280.4513
e: [email protected]

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