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“Every conversation you have either reinforces what people think about you or gives them a chance to rethink what they know.”

Straight Talk

Jen provides a different take on workplace communication and the conversation skills needed to succeed. She'll create a presentation tailored to meeting your goals and deliver key takeaways that enable employees to immediately implement new sports conversation strategies and allow you to benchmark their success. Some of her popular topics include:

Asking Better Questions

Intentional Conversations - A Game Plan for Leaders

Talk Sporty to Me – Using Sports Fandom in Business


“Captivating, Inspiring, Interesting, Fun!”

"Jen delivered specific action steps and instilled motivation to initiate in valuable conversations and engage in effective networking with industry professionals. Jen's love of the sports community is evident and her willingness to share a wide range of experiences, allowed her to quickly connect with the students as a caring mentor. "

Dr. Sara Lopez
University of Washington Faculty

Keynote Speaking

A good keynote speech should inspire and unify an audience with a common purpose. Jen masters this by understanding the theme of your event, and using inspiring, motivational and humorous stories to bring her message to life. Relating her experiences in sports to your experiences in business is her forte. Your attendees will walk away with actionable insights that they can begin using right away.



Working with Jen provides useful conversation strategies that lead to more effective communication. Simply put, more isn't better. Improving communication isn't a function of engaging in more conversations. It’s about changing the conversation. Jen’s workshop-style presentations help facilitate effective conversations with a hands-on approach and range from three to eight hours if your company prefers a longer format or needs educational credits.


Learn From a Leader

With the goal of learning from leaders to support, inspire and develop other leaders, this online workshop series brings together visionary bests to engage in compelling conversations using real-world examples with a live audience. You’ll learn leadership best practices, tips and tricks, guiding strategies to help you with real-world issues…and the best part, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the discussion by bringing your own experiences and challenges into the conversation.


"Jen is a fantastic speaker. Her enthusiasm, conciseness, and energy really drive home how to communicate effectively. "

Carla Novak

Talk Sporty to Me

700 NW Gilman Blvd. #121
Issaquah, WA 98027-5341
p: 425.280.4513
e: [email protected]

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