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I provide a strategic skillset that businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals can use to accelerate their personal interactions to drive real and tangible results. In short, I help my clients 'win' in interactions that often get overlooked.

FREEBIES from Jen Mueller

Most business communication books will tell you that. What those books won't tell you is what to say to improve your communication skills. That's where I come in. What started as a sports conversation quickly evolved in a consulting and training business that provides practical and effective communication strategies every leader, sales team, college student and business professional should master.

When I look into the future for 2022 I see sports. Lots of sports.

Although, I suppose that’s true for every year and every decade. This is why every year I update this handy dandy chart of major sporting events and general sports timelines to track throughout the year.

2022 Sports Calendar

With all those things in mind, plan for your future to include sports conversations and use this calendar to stay on top of what to talk about all year long.

It’s not a contest to see how much you know. 

It’s a chance for you to get know someone and for them to get to know you. Being able to strike up a sports conversation means you can connect with over half the population of the United States and should give you the confidence to walk into any room and strike up a conversation with anyone.

How to Talk Sporty at Work

Talking sports at work, or work-related functions, is different than talking sports at a sports bar, tailgate or game.

Learn from a Leader Library

With the goal of learning from leaders to support, inspire and develop other leaders, this online workshop series brings together visionary bests to engage in compelling conversations using real-world examples with a live audience. You’ll learn leadership best practices, tips and tricks, guiding strategies to help you with real-world issues…and the best part, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the discussion by bringing your own experiences and challenges into the conversation.


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