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"I can walk into a room full of strangers and make a connection within 20 seconds…”

Hey there, I’m Jen!

All you really need to know is that I’m an expert talker. The only comments I ever got on my report card were, “Talks too much,” and “Might want to talk less during class.” But this has always been my thing. I enjoy talking and I enjoy helping other people talk. In fact, I’ve built my business on talking, and have learned how to avoid talking too much, and focus on words that matter and lead to unforgettable stories.

Talk for a living?  Yes, please. 

When I was in high school, my guidance counselor said, “Jen, you like to talk a lot and you’re not afraid to talk in front of people. Have you ever considered a career in broadcasting?” Up to that point I hadn’t, but I considered it , and I thought, “You know, if I’m going to be in broadcasting, news and politics are not really for me. It has to be sports because I’m a lifelong sports fan.”

My passion continued at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, which has an excellent broadcast journalism program and alumni support. I graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism and a minor in public policy, which is a combination of economics and political science. In addition to school, I worked in the intramural department as a flag football official. That led me to a career as a high school football official in Texas and the Pacific Northwest.

Talking Led to, well…More Talking

When it came to a paying job,  I started off as a booker - a person who calls up guests, agents, PR people and asks if they would come on to a particular show. It was a sports radio TV show, and it was my job to make sure there was always a guest there every night to talk to. I then moved to Seattle and worked my way up as a writer and producer. Eventually when I was working for KING 5 television, I had a chance to be on air once a week on their cable sports show. Finally, it was my shot:  once a week I got my ONE MINUTE to be on televison. I put together a resume reel, and I landed a job at what is now ROOT Sports Northwest. Talking for a living, specifically around a passion, became a realization. 

The Beginning of ‘Talk Sporty to Me’

In 2009, a group of successful, high-powered women approached me with a problem. They noticed their male counterparts attracting new clients and deepening relationships by leveraging sporting events. Although many of the women were sports fans, they didn't see the connection between sports and business, but recognized their male counterparts were garnering more attention and more opportunities despite similar education levels, skill sets and experience. 

They approached me with a simple question: "Can you help explain what we're missing?" My response to that question included a process on how to become a sports fan for business purposes, conversation strategies that utilized sports talk as a business development tool and ways to network more effectively using sports.

Through a wide variety of engagements, I’ve learned how to transition my passion for sports and conversation into a strategic skillset that businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals can use to accelerate their personal interactions to drive real and tangible results.

While it started with a small group of women, I quickly saw how the Talk Sporty approach works with every business professional and every level of fan.  I’ve gone on to sell products and services to businesses like Microsoft, Boeing, DA Davidson, Moss Adams, the Washington Society of CPA's and the University of Oklahoma business school. I have also been featured in business magazines and television stations across the United States  for my natural ability to make sports talk accessible and useful in corporate settings. 


"Everyone in the room could tell that Jen took time to research our company and delivered an interactive session where we problem solved together. Jen inspired and had everyone engaged with her incredible sideline stories that we all could relate to."

Carrianne Smith
Marriott Area Director, Sales

Here are a few reasons why Jen has become a favorite among meeting and event planners, speaker bureaus and corporate executives.

Jen Shares Captivating, Applicable Stories

There is nothing more powerful than an engaging story to capture your attention. Being on the sidelines of a major league baseball and professional football team…as well as engaging with many business leaders, you can bet she has collected stories. Learn from her success and failures on live television in front of thousands of nightly viewers. You may be surprised at how relevant sports is to everyday business.

Jen Provides Actionable Takeaways

Jen works with your team to create a customized, personalized approach for your event or program. She guarantees to address three key takeaways of your choice and provides several actionable items that can be implemented immediately. Jen can also deliver workshop-style presentations that range from three to eight hours if your company prefers a longer format or needs educational credits.

Jen is Charming, Witty & Fun

Once you meet Jen, you’ll immediately see why she captivates everyone around her. Her personality beams with genuine enthusiasm, passion and a sense of humor. She instantly connects with audiences by taking an interactive approach with engaging audience participation. Everyone will be talking about their positive experience well after the event…literally!

Jen Believes in You

As a business owner herself, Jen knows you need deliverables that make a difference. As a broadcaster she knows the importance and the art of delivering a compelling message. Jen understands the challenges of communicating in high stress, high leverage situations when all eyes are on you. Her number one goal is to help you reach your potential through effective communication techniques.

Talk Sporty to Me

700 NW Gilman Blvd. #121
Issaquah, WA 98027-5341
p: 425.280.4513
e: [email protected]

Let's talk shop.

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Jen provides a different take on workplace communication and the conversation skills needed to succeed. She'll create a presentation tailored to meeting your goals and deliver key takeaways that enable employees to immediately implement new sports conversation strategies and allow you to benchmark their success.

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