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“One conversation will change the course of your business, but it's not the one you think. Be strategic and intentional in every interaction.”

ONLINE COURSES from Jen Mueller

The On-Demand video series "Asking Better Questions" provides a more effective alternative to conventional wisdom, a 30-minute training session gets you up to speed for talking to people in person, tap into leadership conversations and purchase one of Jen's books.


It's the best job in the world, but one that traditional broadcast classes don't prepare you for. This 1-hour session offers advice and insight from 22-year sports broadcasting veteran and sideline reporter Jen Mueller. Plus perspective from athletes on what reporters should know about interviews and relationship building. 



If any old response will do then ask any question you want. If you want a real answer, one that allows you to connect and inspires interesting conversations you need to Ask Better Questions. 


30-Minute Training Session

In person conversations are making a comeback and chances are you're a little rusty at those interactions after spending so much time working from home and socializing virtually. This 30-minute training offers a strategic approach to three make-or-break points in a conversation.


Learn From a Leader

This online workshop series gives you a chance to engage with leaders in sports and business, participate in compelling conversations and learn leadership best practices. Access the Learn from a Leader library to hear all the recordings.

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"There are very few times in your life when you come across someone who ‘gets it.’ Jen is someone who ‘gets it.’ She asks the right questions, knows when the environment is necessary for a different approach. I would read the book because Jen gets it. "

Doug Baldwin
Seattle Seahawks wide receiver

The Influential Conversationalist: Conversation Skills that Develop Leadership

Are you talking enough to get to where you really want to be in your career? Discover the tools you need to become an Influential Conversationalist. Your talent and know-how will be the best kept secret without the ability to communicate those skills to others. Read this book to:

  • Showcase your accomplishments and display confidence
  • Develop a fan base at work that raises your profile and influence
  • Communicate in a way that makes your conversations more effective
  • Make yourself available for bigger opportunities

Talk Sporty to Me: Thinking Outside the Box Scores

Most business communication books will tell you that good communication is important to your success. Few actually tell you how to do it. Talk Sporty to Me: Thinking Outside the Box Scores provides actionable conversation strategies that lead to more effective workplace communication. Using sports conversations, a topic that more than half of all Americans want to talk about, Jen outlines how to engage in more effective small talk, initiate new business, cultivate existing business relationships and raise your own profile at work by being a more effective communicator.

This book is required reading on a few college campuses and has been utilized by companies like Boeing and Microsoft.


Game Time: Learn to Talk Sports in 5 Minutes a Day for Business

Life-long sports fans take their fandom for granted. No one taught them how to be a fan, it just happened after years of exposure to a team or sport. If you aren't a life-long fan this is the how-to book for you. It is possible to become a sports fan in just a few minutes a day and use that knowledge effectively in business conversations. Jen's first book provides an easy-to-follow process that will get you up to speed without asking embarrassing questions. Stop feeling left out and start talking sports in just a few minutes a day.


Talk Sporty to Me

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