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Confidence In Conversations

Take a more thoughtful and strategic approach to daily interactions with help from a professional talker.

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Effective Communication Affects Culture, Success

Gallup Poll research in June 2021 revealed that "communication in most companies isn’t great. Sometimes it’s so bad that it drives people to quit." Only 7% of U.S. workers strongly agree that communication is accurate, timely and open where they work. Proof everyone could use additional tools to communicate effectively. We’ve got you covered. Veteran sports broadcaster and business communication expert Jen Mueller provides strategies that allow you communicate more effectively and confidently.



Discover 5 skills you can borrow from athletes and sports conversations that help you level up your leadership skills.  


About Jen

Through her motivational and inspiring keynote presentations, beneficial workshops, three advice-packed books her hands-on online workshop series (Learn from a Leader) and flourishing fan base, Jen inspires business leaders and professionals to develop the right strategies and skills to become a confident and expert communicator.


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