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Learn from a Pro!

No judging here! Just the opportunity to practice and get feedback so you can gain the confidence needed to be on camera.


Get Camera Ready in a Week!

Designed by veteran sports broadcaster Jen Mueller with first-time or reluctant video presenters in mind.

Are you a new presenter psyching yourself out more than psyching yourself up to be on camera?

Are you a business owner dragging your feet at the thought of creating a video marketing series?

Are you an entrepreneur resistant to making a great online offer because you’re overwhelmed and uncomfortable at the thought of being on camera?

I get it. I’ve been there. I learned how to be on camera in journalism school, but I didn’t truly get comfortable with the way I looked or sounded on TV until I got real-time feedback from mentors and had a chance to practice daily.

That’s the secret to being really good on camera. Practice and feedback from someone who has already mastered the skill. And for the first time ever (and for a limited time!) I’m offering both of those things.

I’m a veteran sports broadcaster with 20 years of experience in the industry and 11 years of experience as a keynote presenter. Confidence on camera doesn’t come without experience and repetition and trust me that’s something you want to do with a friendly audience and an expert like me. 

This is a safe space to get comfortable being on camera. It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting ZOOM presentations, delivering keynotes, providing online training or shooting marketing videos. If you’re new to being on camera or have resisted being on camera this kind of semi-private coaching is for you.

Here's what you'll get: 

  • 3 one-hour sessions with Jen Mueller
  • A small group setting (Max 5 people)
  • Practical insights on how to look natural and confident on camera.
  • The best way to memorize scripts for video shoots.
  • How to mess up and recover when everyone is watching.

All for just $125 

That’s three hours of semi-private coaching with Jen, feedback on your delivery, suggestions on refining or tightening your message and a safe space to practice. By the end of the week you’ll experience increased confidence, comfort and effectiveness on camera.

Here's what else you need to know...

All three sessions take place in the same week so you can see results and get camera ready in a week instead of stalling out and moving it to the backburner again.

Come prepared with a script or presentation you want to deliver and you'll get coaching and feedback to become Camera Ready by the end of the week.

*Each session is recorded and available for download for members of the group.

Scheduled Dates:  

March 22, 8am PT

March 24, 8am PT

March 26, 8am PT

Email [email protected] for private Camera Ready coaching 



No more ho-hum videos

"Jen is a masterful coach, wordsmith, and presenter. She makes it look so easy! The good news is in one short week she took my video presenting skills from ho-hum to energetic and to the point. "

Approachable but direct

"Jen is a pro at what she does and I love her direct coaching style.  She’s able to get a lot accomplished in a short timeframe."

Remarkable confidence

"Thank you for creating a great, fun, and safe space to craft our messages and work through the perceived intimidation of camera work. In one short week, you’ve empowered us to bring our talents to the digital world. I can’t think you enough!"

"The work with Jen Mueller on getting Camera Ready was invaluable. I loved it because it was a one week focus, get in and get it done! Jen’s help in honing in on my message was INCREDIBLE! So succinct and simplified. Jen is a genius and can help you get more comfortable in front of the camera and delivering your message with confidence! Best investment ever!"

Melinda Slater
Owner, Slater Interiors

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