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ONLINE TRAINING + Corporate Training Available

Wednesday, April 1 at 7:30am PT

New to working remotely and need ideas on how to establish effective communication policies and stay connected?

Familiar with the dynamics of working remotely but still looking for ways to improve the efficiency of video conferences and reduce the amount of emails?

You need more than good ideas right now, you need the words to say and conversation strategies that allow you to maximize productivity, maintain collaboration and teamwork, and empower your teams to do their best work.

In just 30 minutes you’ll discover: 

  • Three ways to increase engagement and teamwork in online meetings, because simply encouraging people to contribute leads to confusion.
  • Two strategies that increase communication, while curtailing the number of emails in your inbox.
  • The question that leads to actionable feedback, so there’s no confusion on how operate in a remote setting.

All for just $40 

Gain actionable insights from proven communication expert Jen Mueller. She’s honed her conversation skills in sports locker rooms for the last 20 years, demonstrated them on TV for 14 years and is uniquely experienced in communicating with remote teams and groups of people because that’s always the case with TV and radio audiences. Jen is a sought-after keynote speaker and presenter having written three books on business communication and providing regular content on her website

*The session is recorded and available for viewing within 2 hours of the live session.

*Everyone registered also receives a bonus e-book with 10 Conversation Strategies You Need to Connect, Collaborate and Communicate Effectively

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Training available for managers and team members working remotely

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