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Part Cooking Instruction, Part Entertainment

All about connecting over food and wine.

I Cook, You Measure is a concept I developed following a conversation with my dear friend and long-time baseball colleague Shannon Drayer. We were on a flight somewhere across the midwest during the middle of baseball season when the idea first took hold. Less than two months later I taped a pilot episode and launched the series February 3 on YouTube. 

Given how often I post pictures of food and wine on social media and my background in television it makes sense that I would create a cooking show. But what does this have to do with communication, sports and Talk Sporty to Me? I'm glad you asked!

I Cook, You Measure brings all of my interests and passions together. I am the primary chef in this series while my guest measurers are athletes and people closely tied to sports. Our conversations run the gamut from sports, to food, and childhood memories.

We laugh a lot... but maybe that's a little bit of the wine talking. Each episodes features a different Washington wine specifically paired to the dish we're making. 

Here's what I'm most proud of - the giveback component. For every episode of I Cook, You Measure I make a donation to a nonprofit working to end food insecurity in our communities. To date we've donated $18,500 to help put food on the table for people in our communities.


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