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I Cook, You Measure Season 1

Watch every episode from the inaugural season

I Cook, You Measure debuted February 2023. Catch up on the episodes you missed and scroll down to find the ingredients list, a fun fact from the show and the wine pairing for every episode. It's a joy to cook and share a meal with friends, but that's not possible for everyone which I why for every episode I make a donation to a nonprofit working to end food insecurity in our community. Food Lifeline was the recipient of the Season 1 donations. 

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Fun Facts about Episode 1

  • We shot the episode at 8:30am because that's the time the commercial kitchen was available.
  • I really do have a mimosa drawer in my fridge because you never know when you'll need one. 
Wine pairing: House Wine Brut Bubbles
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Fun Facts about Episode 2 with Chef Jeremy

  • Chef Jeremy was the Chef in the Mariners clubhouse for more than 20 years, and deserves a little credit for Felix Hernandez's perfect game.
  • We taped the episode in his commercial kitchen.
Wine pairing: Hard Row to Hoe, Pinot Noir
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Fun Facts about Episode 3 with Riq Woolen

  • This is the first episode I shot in my own kitchen and yes, I was stressed!
  • Riq Woolen was a finalist for Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2023. 
Wine pairing: Chandler Reach, Villa Bianca
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Fun Facts about Episode 4 with Abe Lucas

  • Abe is the right tackle for the Seahawks and displayed his love of music by wearing a Black Flag shirt.
  • It's the first time I noticed the flamingo in every shot 
Wine pairing: Category 5, Albarino
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Fun Facts about Episode 5 with Neiko Thorpe

  • Neiko was a special teams standout for the Seahawks.
  • We rolled tape for nearly 2 hours which is the longest shoot of the series. (We did edit it!)
Wine pairing: JM Cellars, Grenache
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Fun Facts about Episode 6 Bonus Bites

  • Ascend Hospitality Group was the presenting sponsor for the first season of I Cook, You Measure. Elaina Morris, the president of AHG joined me for this wrap up episode. 
Wine pairing: Aluve Cellars, Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Chardonnay
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Thanks to our Sponsors for Season 1

Washington Wines Featured in Season 1

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