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I Cook, You Measure Season 3

The third season of I Cook, You Measure is our "Championship Season" in which every guest boasts a Championship win in their career. Catch up on the episodes you missed and scroll down to find the ingredients list, a fun fact from each show and the wine pairing for every episode. It's a joy to cook and share a meal with friends, but that's not possible for everyone which I why for every episode I make a donation to a nonprofit working to end food insecurity in our community. OneLove Community Fridge was the recipient of our donations for Season 3. 

Get a "Taste" of the fun!

Fun Facts about Episode 1 with Michael Bennett

  • Michael Bennett won a Super Bowl with the Seahawks. 
  • He brought Asmeret Berhe-Lumax, the founder of One Love Community Fridge to introduce us to the non-profit.
Wine pairing: Prohibition Cellars, Sauvignon Blanc
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Fun Facts about Episode 2 with Lofa Tatupu

  • Lofa won two National Titles at USC.
  • The funniest line of the entire series occurs at 18:43 in the full-length episode. I would love to get Snoop on the show one day!
Wine pairing: Laterus Winery, Wonderlust 
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Fun Facts about Episode 3 with Philipp Grubauer

  • Grubi won a Stanley Cup with the Washington Capitals. 
  • It's the first episode with a hockey player and a foreign-born player.
Wine pairing: Laterus Winery, Viognier
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Fun Facts about Episode 4 with K.J. Wright

  • K.J. won a Super Bowl with the Seahawks and was always one of my go-to guys in the locker room.
  • He's the only guest who sent me a recipe ahead of time... even though we didn't use it!
Wine pairing: Dossier Wine Collective, Rose
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Fun Facts about Episode 5 with Mario Edwards Jr.

  • Mario won a National Title with Florida State in 2014.
  • We opened two different bottles of wine in this episode, and the Spanish Tempranillo paired best with the Paella. 
Wine pairing: Aluve Winery, Tempranillo
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Washington Wines Featured in Season 3

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