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I Cook, You Measure Season 4

The fourth season of I Cook, You Measure was shot on location in Arizona during Spring Training 2024 which makes it a baseball themed season. Catch up on the episodes you missed and scroll down to find the ingredients list, a fun fact from each show and the wine pairing for every episode.

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Fun Facts about Episode 1 with Tayler Saucedo

  • Tayler Saucedo is a left handed reliever for the Seattle Mariners. 
  • We taped this season at the airbnb the crew stayed in and to make room for the cameras we moved the fridge out of the kitchen and into the dining room.
Wine pairing: Chateau Ste Michelle, Riesling
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Fun Facts about Episode 2 with Luis Castillo

  • Luis is a 3-time All-Star and starting pitcher for the Seattle Mariners.
  • As a Spanish speaker, Luis typically uses a translator when he is on camera. This is one of the few times you'll hear him speaking English on TV.
Wine pairing: Elouan, Chardonnay 
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Fun Facts about Episode 3 with Bryce Miller

  • Bryce Miller is a starting pitcher for the Seattle Mariners. His nickname is Big Tex.
  • I laughed so hard during the taping we had to regroup several times. The Bonus Bites will have you rolling too.
Wine pairing: H3, Sauvignon Blanc
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Fun Facts about Episode 4 with Bryan Woo

  • Bryan Woo is a starting pitcher for the Seattle Mariners.
  • This episode was shot during the hottest part of the day in Arizona. we were sweating - even with the AC on - but trying to look cool and comfortable in the kitchen. 
Wine pairing: Acrobat, Pinot Gris
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Fun Facts about Episode 5 with Tom Murphy

  • Tom Murphy is a MLB catcher currently playing for the San Francisco Giants and formerly with the Seattle Mariners.
  • Tom is the first repeat guest on I Cook, You Measure although his previous appearance included an actual chef and this time we were on our own. 
Wine pairing: Arnaut, Avennia
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Fun Facts about Episode 6 with Harry Ford

  • Harry Ford is a minor league catcher for the Seattle Mariners. He was a 2021 first round draft pick and is rated as the No. 2 overall prospect in the Mariners organization.
  • Harry taped this episode on his birthday and alongside his mom who showed me how to make her homemade spaghetti sauce. 
Wine pairing: Sestina, Avennia
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