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Workplace Communication and Teamwork

Jen Mueller explains how the young Seattle Mariners use conversations to build teamwork.

Your Team Needs This Talking Tip - Don't Avoid Conversations

The team of people you manage is only as good and as effective as their communication skills will allow them to be. Miscommunication costs you time, productivity and leads to low morale. Avoiding those issues are as simple as encouraging your team to have conversations.

Mistakes You Shouldn't Make in a Business Conversation - Not Giving Yourself Credit

If you always differ to everyone else in the room and fail to speak up when you have something to say, that's a mistake you shouldn't be making in a business conversation. Veteran sports broadcaster Jen Mueller offers a reminder of how a lack of confidence in conversations leads to fewer opportunities.

Talking Tips Your Team Needs - Learn to Follow Up

It's rare that a follow up isn't needed in conversation. Veteran sports broadcaster and corporate trainer Jen Mueller knows from personal experience during pre- and post-game interviews. She also knows your team needs to be prepared to ask follow up questions in real time because it's a talking tip they need.

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