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2020 Sports Calendar - to help you Talk Sporty all year long!

When I look into the future for 2020 I see sports. Lots of sports.

Although, I suppose that’s true for every year and every decade. Which is why every year I update this handy dandy chart of major sporting events and general sports timelines to track throughout the year.

It’s a habit I developed early in my TV career as a sports producer. I was responsible for generating nightly content and staying on top of upcoming events and having a calendar of events helps with the planning process. So, about this time every year I would literally get out my paper calendar and pencil in sports schedules I needed to follow. I’ve maintained that habit as a blogger and business owner who talks about sports.

This chart helps me track topics for the weekly Conversation Starters blog… AND it helps me plan follow up emails and conversations with sports-loving clients and people in my network. 

There are lots of reasons I use sports conversations in business, here are the top four:

  • Sports conversations connect you to millions of sports fans. (Literally, millions of people – like half of all Americans – identify as sports fans.) 
  • Sports conversations are timely. (There’s something new happening every day.) 
  • Sports conversations keep you on the radar. (No one-and-done emails or conversations for you thanks to the length of sports seasons and storylines.)
  • Sports conversations give you access to all sports fans. (That includes your boss, the CEO, the president of another company, your next biggest client… you get the idea.)

With all those things in mind, plan for your future to include sports conversations and use this calendar to stay on top of what to talk about all year long.



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