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Accelerating Feedback in Business

business communication Dec 10, 2022

Timeouts, huddles, conversations in the dugout and suggestions from a caddy are all forms of feedback that happen during sporting events. 

It's not just a break in the action, those conversations are critical for making adjustments, staying on track and being successful. When you think about it that way, it's easier to think out side the box scores and borrow a few conversation tactics from sports. 

As the video points out, it's absurd to think that a coach will withhold critical feedback until the end of the season or even the midway point of the season. So why would you do that with your team at work? 

Instead of dragging out the process or delaying conversations about feedback until it's time for mid-year reviews or yearly performance reviews, let's use sports to help accelerate the feedback process. When you see a time out called, a team huddle or a coach yell, you're watching feedback in action and this is what you're seeing:

  1. Communication that's very direct
  2. A short, concise interaction
  3. Actionable feedback with clear next steps

Those three things can help you accelerate the feedback process and make your team better at work. That doesn't mean you yell and scream. It doesn't mean you don't listen. You can do all of these things in a kind, encouraging and gracious way. 

If your goal is to elevate your team start Thinking Outside the Box Scores and use sports to your advantage at work. 



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