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Conversations About Accountability

business communication Dec 18, 2022

Sports small talk can make it easier to have conversations about accountability with your team at work. 

How? I'm glad you asked and I hope you're ready to think outside the box scores. 

Conversations about accountability happen all the time on game days. They're called post-game interviews and listening with a close ear can help you take the stress out of initiating tough conversations at work. 


Athletes and coaches talk about how they talk about they exceeded expectations or failed to live up to their expectations and standards. The final score helps set the tone for those conversations, but they are a number of stats that support their assessments. With that in mind there are two things you need to do:

1. Know the numbers that measure success. Be specific. It's not pass/fail. If you want to move the needle and have impactful conversations about accountability know your numbers and why they're tied to success. 

2. Use a local or regional team as an example and entry point to the conversation. It's easier to pick apart and criticize sports outcomes. It goes along with the territory if you're a sports fan. Ask any fan about a team not living up to expectations and they'll list all the ways the team has fallen short. Fans can be brutal in their assessments. Use those honest discussions as the basis for relevant business conversations. You don't have to point the finger, let the conversation about sports unfold to the point where you can draw parallels to what you're seeing from your team. 

You don't have to stick to sports when you talk about a game when you're thinking outside the box scores. 




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