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Goal Setting in 2023. Focus on your Strengths

Not a single athlete looks at a challenge or opponent and admits defeat before playing the game.

Even if the oddsmakers say it’s improbable, even when fans hedge their bets and talk a little less trash or refuse to get their hopes up - athletes and coaches refuse to give into the thought of an insurmountable task or being outmatched by an opponent. 

It’s never about what the other team does or where they’re likely to come up short. They’re always thinking, talking and working from a position of strength and confidence. It doesn’t mean they don’t see the challenges. It doesn’t mean there isn’t a game plan in place to counter the strengths of the opponent. It means they’re focused on their strengths, they’re capabilities and their best chances to win.

The best athletes and most successful coaches don’t assume or anticipate failure before competing.

Where are you starting the year? Are you focusing on your strengths and where you’ll find the most success? Or are you obsessed with the number of ways things could go wrong? Finding success is hard enough without throwing up your own roadblocks and stop signs. Borrow the approach of athletes and high performers by doing these 3 things.

  1. Name your strengths.
  2. Identify where you gain an advantage because of your strengths.
  3. Make a game plan you can follow based on your strengths.

Be specific. Not only will it help you map out an actionable plan, but you’ll see your strengths with more clarity. It’s the difference in me saying “I’m great at interviewing people” versus “I excel at giving people at platform to their stories in an interview.” Being specific makes it easier to see the opportunities instead of the roadblocks. 

Just a few thoughts as we reset goals, habits and objectives for the year.   


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