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It's Not How You Start... it's how you finish

business communication Oct 01, 2023

It’s not how you start… it’s how you finish.

I’ve heard Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll use that phrase countless time over the last 13 seasons. It’s part of his philosophy. A fast start, scoring first, having the lead at halftime can make it easier to win the game, but ultimately it comes down to how the fourth quarter is played.

I couldn’t help but thinking of that phrase during the final week of the baseball regular season. Given the hype, the fast starts and the obvious dominance of a few teams, there’s no way it should have come down to the final two games of the season to determine playoff spots. But it did. Because it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

When we think outside the box scores, that phrase leads us toward Q4 goals and 2024 planning.

What do you need to finish strong?

Maybe it’s more resources, but it could also be more stamina. Or perhaps it’s fewer weekly meetings so you can create larger blocks of time to do the work.

How can you use where you’re at now to plan for a successful 2024?

If you need an additional or expanded skillset, make that a goal for 2024. If you realized you peaked too early in the year and feeling like you’re dragging yourself to the finish line, make a note of that. You might need to adjust your schedule or reset expectations moving forward.

If you’re already a sports fan you’re probably asking these questions (and possibly debating the answers) as they relate to your favorite team. Be as honest in your evaluation of yourself as you are your favorite team. 

If you’re not already a sports fan, use the conversations around you to inspire critical thinking around your year-end goals. A different point of view, like the ones you get from different sports fans, might help you see a problem or a challenge differently. It could give you a new frame of reference in creating and maintaining your own success. You don’t need to care about the names being thrown around in sports small talk to use those moments for your personal benefit.


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