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Learn From a Leader: Journaling Personal Interactions

learn from a leader May 22, 2022

Forget about it and move on. That's one way to respond when things haven't gone according to plan, but if we're talking about conversations and personal interactions there's value in pausing to reflect on what happened. Heck, even if things went well there's a benefit to evaluating how you got a favorable result so you can replicate that outcome in the future.

Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt goes one step further and actually documents interactions he has with players, coaches and front office personnel so he can learn from them. 

If you're a sports fan you've likely noticed similarities in player and their personalities. Having a game plan based on past experiences can help a coach like Clint connect quicker, respond better, generate buy-in and get an overall more favorable response. 

Coaches aren't the only ones who encounter similar personalities or face the same situations on a regular basis. Think about the conversations you have most often, like: Small talk, conversations with friends/family, conversations with colleagues and interactions with managers. Here are a few questions you can use to evaluate the exchange. 

  • Am I satisfied with the outcome?
  • Was the exchange pleasant or awkward?
  • Did the conversation feel forced?
  • What emotion dominated the exchange?
  • What could I have done better?
  • Where did I improve from the last time I was in that position? 

You don't need to respond to all of them and the response doesn't need to be long, just a couple words can help you evaluate, adjust and become a more effective communicator and leader. 


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