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Questions Your Resume Can't Answer

communication skills Feb 02, 2024

How do you lead a team?

How do you captivate an audience and mobilize your message? 

How do you build culture? 

How do you develop trust? 

These are all questions that were discussed in great detail during hiring season in the NFL. They're the important, big questions that you ask when hiring a head coach or GM. They're critical for finding the right fit and winning games. And not a single one of those questions can be answered with a stat or a win-loss record.

They can't even be answered by looking at a resume. Those questions get answered in interviews because they all come down to communication skills. 

If communication skills weren't the differentiating factor every team would have wanted to hire exact same coach and they wouldn't have needed an interview to make their decision. 

Your skillset is important. Your results are a factor. Your communication skills are the differentiator. 

Your resume serves a purpose, but it's not likely to close the deal. Make sure the people you work with can vouch for your communication skills just as much as your work ethic and results. Make sure you're being proactive, strategic and intentional in conversations big and small throughout the day. 

What are you missing? Well maybe this conversation opening...


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