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Super Bowl Conversations for Business People

business communication Feb 12, 2024

Super Bowl conversations dominate small talk for a couple weeks following the big game. They game itself will get plenty of mentions during the upcoming NFL Combine, as the Draft gets underway, when mini camps start and when Training Camps open in July.

The long and the short of it is, the Super Bowl generates a lot of conversation. Sports fans and sports media focus on the outcome, matchups, coaching decisions and stats, but you can use a number of talking points to join conversations. You can even spin off new ideas that spark business conversations.

Here are 5 Super Bowl takeaways to help you think Outside the Box Scores with sports talk: 

  1. If you’re talking about the success of the Kansas City Chiefs more than your own success, we’ve got problems. The final outcome of the game is a huge talking point and their recent success is impressive. However, if you spend more time this week talking about what the Chiefs did than what you’re doing, you’re missing obvious opportunities to advocate for yourself and stay on the radar of people at work.


  1. Stop trying to give 110%. For starters it’s not possible. More importantly its often not productive. It’s just as important to do the job right as giving great effort. I promise every single player gave 100% effort during the Super Bowl and it was sloppy game with a number of mistakes and turnovers. Some of those plays were a result of guys trying to give extra effort. Giving more effort can’t make up for doing the job right.
  2. Not everyone loves a winner. I promise there are hundreds of thousands of people who are not excited about the Chiefs winning back-to-back championships. Here’s your little reminder at work – if you don’t come out on top there are still people in your corner. 

  1. Create a process before you need it. The NFL changed the overtime rules for playoff games in 2022. Sunday was the first time they were used. No one knew when the change would come into play when things were rewritten but everyone understood the need to have a process in place before it was needed. Is there a process you to need create or revise to be successful in the future?
  2. No one needs to talk as much as Tony Romo. Ever. (And that’s coming from someone who got “talks too much” on every single report card.) Take a break. Pause. Let the situation and conversation play out before jumping in.   

 Thinking outside the box scores brings new insight and fresh perspective on age-old business conversations and could be just the thing you need to engage your team at work. 


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