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Talk Sporty to Me Founder, Jen Mueller

business communication Feb 25, 2024

Conversations come easy to me. They always have. (Just ask every teacher who commented on my report cards.) 

Sports talk has always been a natural conversation starter for me and it comes with the territory as a sports broadcaster. I often tell people sports fits my personality and sports broadcasting fits my skillet.

I am ultra competitive. I am also passionate about effective communication and winning in small moments - both of which are part of my day-to-day job in locker rooms and how I got into sports broadcasting in the first place.

People were not exactly jumping to give women jobs in sports when I graduated college. I learned quickly I had just a few seconds to make a great impression and land my message. It's why I started using Success Statements and why I've been talking about them ever since. 

Success Statements have helped me get a foot in the door, given me a way to advocate for myself and allowed me to effortless stay on the radar of key decision makers. I feel good when I walk away from a conversation knowing I used the time wisely. 

And when things don't go the way I hoped or planned, I lean on my experience in locker rooms after losses to regroup, reset and practice resiliency. Take a quick listen to this short podcast episode I taped with my friend Lori Richardson on ways to regroup after setbacks. You don't have to be a sports fan to benefit from the parallels I see between locker rooms and business settings and you might just gain fresh perspective on how to bounce back from disappointments.

I love sharing conversation strategies that lead to effective communication and bringing an outside the box perspective to business communication. If that sounds like something your team could use let's chat! Send me note at: [email protected] 




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