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Using March Madness to Your Advantage

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2023

You know it takes more than one conversation to build a business relationship. 

You also know it can be tricky to find the right balance or cadence in sending emails or striking up conversations with someone who's new to your network or contact list. 

What you might not have consider is the tremendous networking opportunity March Madness and the NCAA Tournament presents. It's not about basketball. It comes down to the frequency of the conversations. It's expected basketball fans are going to talk about the tournament. It lasts three weeks, there's always drama and anyone who fills out an NCAA Tournament bracket is invested in the outcomes, at least to a small degree. 

If you're a basketball fan, that's awesome. If you're only a basketball fan during the NCAA Tournament, that's great. If you don't care about basketball at all, I'd suggest you take a passing interest and think outside the box scores. 

Talking to a new business contact every couple days for three weeks is ridiculous - unless you're talking about the NCAA Tournament and how their bracket looks. In that case, you're just being sports fans. You're taking an interest in someone's hobby or pastime. 

The conversation doesn't have to revolve around sports for you to use sports to your advantage. 


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