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I Cook, You Measure Season 4 Starts Thursday

i cook you measure Apr 28, 2024

We're back with more episodes of I Cook, You Measure presented by Safeway starting this week!

If you're new to the show here's what you can expect - a lot of laughs and stories with a side of sports talk thrown in while mixing it up in the kitchen. 

Season 4 was shot on location during Spring Training in Arizona which means there's a definite baseball vibe to these six episodes. 

You'll find new episodes (and every episode of the show) on YouTube. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss the show or the Bonus Bites for each episode. 

Want the ingredients list, wine pairings or fun facts about each episode? This is where you'll find 'em

Finally, if you decide to cook along with us and make any of the recipes featured in the show, send me a picture and share your results!


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