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Sports Conversation Starters for Your Workweek

conversation starters May 19, 2024

“If you’re excited, they’ll be excited”

Those were the last minute instructions I overheard being given to the swarm of volunteers working a fundraising event Saturday night. The volunteers were tasked with selling raffle tickets and there was some trepidation over striking up conversations with strangers. The volunteer coordinator assured them it would be easier and the conversation would be smoother if they showed enthusiasm because, “if you’re excited, they’ll be excited.”

That’s a reminder that works for small talk - and really any conversation – too. If we’re listless and half-hearted in our efforts to strike up a conversation we shouldn’t be surprised when we’re met with that same energy. Instead, make it a point to be enthusiastic and watch how that interaction changes.

If you need some inspiration or a few sports topics to get the rolling, these will work this week.


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