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The confusion about "over-communicating"

It sounds like a good idea, but telling your team to over-communicate with you or each other isn't helping.   

Asking your team to over-communicate might lead to more emails, conversations, Slack messages or group texts, but none of that matters if they're not communicating the right thingsIf you're not on the same page it's a waste of time. People who spend time trying to "over-communicate" the wrong message aren't being productive. Of course, they don't realize that until the message doesn't get a response (or the response they were hoping for) at which point they wonder why they wasted their time, and get frustrated and upset. 

Your team needs clear instructions on how to best communicate with you as their manager or leader. 

That means you need to spend time thinking about:

The information you really need. Do you want specific sales numbers or confirmation sales are you? The important information might be obvious to you, but your team doesn't see the big picture the way you do. They won't know unless you tell them.

How often you want to be updated. If you want a weekly check in, does that happen Monday before noon or Friday by 4pm? It's easier to create accountability when there are deadlines and parameters. Plus, you'll know when to expect the information. 

The way you want the information communicated. Be specific. I bet you have a preference between whether the sales numbers are a one-sentence email versus a five-paragraph email versus a spreadsheet. Tell your team how you want the information delivered to you. 

If you haven't already spent time thinking about this, set aside 30 minutes. Evaluate the pros and cons of how it's currently working with your team. Identify specific things you want them to do to communicate more effectively with you. 

Investing time to create a plan not only improves communication and productivity, but it's one of the ways you can support your team and make sure they're being heard in a fluid and ever-changing work environment. 

I can help you create a Communication Game Plan for leading your team. Join me Friday, February 25, 2022 for a 75-minute training session and get access to a bonus accountability session on Friday, March 18. Register here and give your team the communication tools they need to succeed in 2022. 


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