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Forward Progress

business communication Dec 02, 2022


If you measure success by where you end up, you could be missing out on what you actually gained. 

Think about it this in terms of your performance review or year-end reviews. The ultimate measure of success is meeting or exceeding a goal, but that's not the only way to measure growth, lessons learned and skills you obtained or strengthened. 



There is value in measuring forward progress. You see it every week during football games. This is one of the ways to think outside the box scores and find parallels between sports and business. 

If it feels like you move one step forward and then two steps back, only count the step forward. It's called forward progress.  

Every week I'm posting a new video on You Tube to encourage Thinking Outside the Box Scores. You can find those videos here and subscribe to be among the first to see them. 



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