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Learn from a Leader: Believe in Yourself

The statement is simple, but it can be the hardest to grasp.

It can be equally difficult to differentiate between feedback and validation. Having a sounding board and getting feedback on your ideas, execution and concepts is important, but if you’re initiating those conversations to get validation you’re undermining your impact, expertise and capabilities. It’s part of the conversation I had with Elaina Herber, President and CEO of the Ascend Hospitality Group, during her Learn from a Leader session in February 2021.

That attitude of knowing what you’re capable of was on full display during the two weeks I spent at Mariners Spring Training. Not a single athlete I talked to or interviewed will entertain a conversation about their shortcomings getting in their way of their success. Every single one of them knows what they’re capable of and that’s their focus.

It doesn’t mean they’re not coachable. It doesn’t mean they’re not trying to get even better. It doesn’t mean that everything they do will be successful. It does mean they believe in themselves to work through tough stretches, apply themselves fully to their jobs and give their best efforts when they show up every day.

It’s the same way leaders need to show up.

Leadership can be lonely, especially if you can’t even count on yourself.

Get insights and direct access to leaders every month in the Learn from a Leader series. In March Dragos Axinte, Founder and CEO of Novo Fogo will lead a conversation about: 

  • Sustainability and social responsibility across two continents
  • The counterintuitive decisions that need to be made for sustainability
  • How being built to last 100 years helps the company avoid short-sighted mistakes that can destroys their impact
  • The world-wide effect of saving the the rainforest in Brazil
  • How climate change will kick your managerial butt

Join us for a fascinating conversation on sustainability in business, the factors that go into building a carbon negative product and how it all comes back to leadership and stewardship. Register here for the conversation Tuesday, March 16 at 11am PT.


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