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Sports Conversation Starters for Your Workweek

conversation starters Feb 04, 2024

For years the first question people asked about my job as a sideline reporter was “What is it like in the locker room?”

Over the years that question has been supplanted by a new No. 1: “How do you know what to say?”

Here’s the short answer, I always go in with a game plan. I can’t be at a loss for words in my job. You don’t want to be at a loss for words in conversations because it creates awkward interactions and missed opportunities.

Each week I write the list of sports conversation starters with you in mind. They’re straightforward with a little context and nugget of information that you can add to a conversation. Which means you’ll know exactly what to say in small talk this week.

And just like every week there are a number of topics to choose from:


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