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Sports Conversation Starters for Your Workweek

conversation starters Jun 05, 2022

It’s much harder than I expected. I never thought I would feel so tired after talking to people in person every day. I talk for a living for crying out loud! It turns out I’m not the only person in my sports media sphere who feels that way. I had a conversation with a colleague recently who noted how unusually tired he is after small talk in baseball clubhouses.

Small talk is a part of our job. We talk about more than sports with athletes. It’s how we build relationships and get to know people. That’s actually the purpose of small talk. When you approach small talk with intention it’s very beneficial.  And here’s what I want you think about – what are you bringing to the conversation?

This is one of the things my colleague and I talked about, the feeling that conversations require more effort now than before the pandemic. We feel pressure to draw out the stories, tidbits and conversations that further the relationship. And we also feel like there’s a lot of people who aren’t pulling their weight and contributing to the conversations. So with that in mind:

  • What are you bringing to conversations?
  • What topics can you contribute?

Might I suggest any of these sports topics making news this week…


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