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Summer Blog Reading List – Best of Talk Sporty to Me

leadership Jul 02, 2019

We’re past the halfway point of the year which means it’s not only time to re-evaluate your yearly goals, but reconsider how your conversation skills can help you reach your goals. It’s something I said at the begining of the year and it’s worth repeating. Your conversation skills determine your success. Period. End of story. If you can’t effectively explain your ideas, ask for help, talk through challenges and generate buy-in you won’t be able to reach your goals.

Whether you’re on track to reach your goal or coming up short, the conversation skills shared throughout the year on the Talk Sporty to Me blog can help. Here are my Top 5 Blog Posts for your summer reading list.

  1. Conversations are not the place to show off your multi-tasking skills. Trying to communicate a laundry list of items at the wrong time might feel like you’re getting things done, but if you leave your colleague with his spinning the conversation wasn’t effective. Brush up on three reasons not to multi-task conversations and what it means to keep the main thing the main thing,
  2. Successful people get asked to do more, not less. That means your work isn’t done after reaching your next big goal. In fact, the hard work and dedication stay the same, but the activites change, as in, there are more demands on your time. Prepare for success by mastering these conversation skills now.
  3. Effective communicators make sure conversations start with the same point of reference. Instead of assuming everyone is on the same page, they reference previous conversations or example to get the ball rolling down the right path.
  4. Save time and reduce stress by using the E.T.A. approach in conversations because leaving key pieces of information unsaid causes frustration, adds to your stress level and isn’t an effective use of time.
  5. Silos exist in every high performing team. The issue isn’t how talent is grouped. It’s making sure you have the tools to communicate effectively both within a group and with colleagues from other parts of the organization. Here are three ways to communicate effectively across different groups you work with. 

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