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I Cook, You Measure Updates

i cook you measure Mar 10, 2024

It's taken far too long for me to update all the things, but you can now find every episode of I Cook, You Measure along with the ingredients lists and wine pairings right here on the website

Catch up on episodes you've missed, find a couple fun facts about each show and use the ingredients list to recreate the dishes on your own. 

And did you know there's even more on YouTube? 

We record about an hour of footage and conversation for each episode and not everything makes the final edits, but nothing lands on the cutting room floor. The stories and laughs are just too good not to share. We call them "Bonus Bites." 

There are some fun nuggets, lots of personality and some good insights shared in the Bonus Bites episodes for each show. Dig in and let me know what you think. 

And get ready for the announcement about Season 4. It was shot on location in Arizona during Spring Training so we'll have your baseball fix soon!



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