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Sports Conversation Starters for Your Workweek

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2023

Well my game Sunday did not go according to plan. All week we talked about the potential defensive battle between the Seahawks and the Ravens, only to see the Hawks badly beaten and not much defense to speak of for Seattle. It’s definitely not what I expected.

I’m already preparing for a lot of conversations about what needs to be fixed this week. I’m also preparing for small talk – and a chance to talk about something other than the Seahawks game – by using these sports topics this week. 

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Sports Conversation Starters for Your Workweek

conversation starters Oct 29, 2023

We’ve changed things up a bit! This is more than a holiday costume we’re going to give this new look a try for a bit.

Halloween costumes/parties will dominate conversations for a couple days, but make sure you’ve got something new to talk about like any of these sports topics making news this week.

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Sports Conversation Starters for Your Workweek

conversation starters Oct 22, 2023

It’s always a great week to talk sports in my book, but this is an especially good one. The NBA tips off this week which means each of the Big 4 sports - football, basketball, baseball and hockey - are all in action for regular season games and Friday’s slate of sports includes all of them. Think of it as National Talk Sporty day. 

Also in the mix, MLS playoffs also start this week. I know I don’t need to sell you on the idea of using sports to spark conversations or join in on small talk, but maybe knowing just how many fans are engaged and in tune with sports this week gives you a little more confidence in those conversations.

And with that here are a few sports topics you can use this week.

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Sports Fandom Your Way

I resisted the urge to say what I really wanted to say after being confronted by a non-sports fan a few weeks ago. Not only was he not a sports fan, but was clearly and vocally irritated at those of us in the bar watching and cheering during a recent college football game.

“You know they can’t hear you, right? There’s no need to yell. Did you even go to that school that you’re cheering for?” 

Instead of pointing out he was in a bar with multiple TVs intended for sports viewing, I turned said, “Actually, our friend right there did go to Stanford and we’re cheering for his alma mater.” There was more muttering and passive aggressive comments about how dumb sports fans are, but few heard what he was saying because we were cheering too loud at the big comeback.

There are a couple things I want to point out from this exchange, starting with the fact it was a guy who was opposed to sports, sports fandom, cheering for sports and sports...

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Sports Conversation Starters for Your Workweek

conversation starters Oct 15, 2023

I had a lot of tough conversations yesterday. It goes with the territory and the job as an NFL sideline reporter. The Seahawks lost and it was my job to talk to guys about it. As you can imagine it’s not fun asking about mistakes and missed opportunities. It does however give me a chance to practice a conversation skill needed in business.

Lots of folks shy away from and put off tough conversations because they don’t have a lot of practice in handling those situations. You don’t have to be an NFL sideline reporter to practice. You can be a sports fan talking about a loss by your favorite team.

Sports is more than stats and scores. Sports small talk gives you a chance to practice conversation skills you need in business. Use these topics to get the ball rolling this week.

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Sports Conversation Starters for Your Workweek

conversation starters Oct 08, 2023

I rarely get a Sunday off during the football season, but it happened yesterday. Here’s what I did – watched football like a fan. I spent part of the day on the couch. I also did laundry, meal prep and a little organizing around the house. In other words, for as much as I love sports I did not dedicate my full attention to sports for the entire day. As a result, I’ll be asking other fans what they saw/watched over the weekend.

Here's what you need to know – you don’t need all the answers to start a sports conversation. You don’t have to watch the entire game to be considered a sports fan. Start where you are. Join the conversation with whatever you know. These sports topics can help.

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What a Pick 6 and Your Success Have in Common

business communication Oct 08, 2023

I am all for efficiency. If you’ve ever seen me carry groceries into the house you know the lengths I will go to maximize efficiency and ensure I make just one trip. 

My daily schedule is maximized for efficiency. I don’t like wasted time or the feeling that I’m bouncing around between tasks. I want things streamlined and straightforward.

If you can relate, I want to offer this reminder – your career development and success won’t be as streamlined and straightforward. The highlight of Seahawks rookie Devon Witherspoon and his pick-six during the Monday Night Football game against the NY Giants did a great job of highlighting what success actually looks like. It’s a not a straight line. It’s a zig zag.


Take it from someone who’s career path looks a lot like that interception return, there’s a benefit when things don’t go according to plan. There’s also a way to use football and sports talk in general to...

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Sports Conversation Starters for Your Workweek

conversation starters Oct 01, 2023

Taylor Swift was at the Chiefs game in New York last night. She’s apparently/allegedly/supposedly/probably dating Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce.

Those are sentences I never expected to type in this space, however… it’s the perfect example of sports talk crossing into different conversation topics and engaging new fans. You don’t have to talk sports to be part of a sports conversation. Kelce and TSwift are the most recent and relevant example.

Use your interests to find your lane and join the conversation. Here are a few addition sports topics to help.

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It's Not How You Start... it's how you finish

business communication Oct 01, 2023

It’s not how you start… it’s how you finish.

I’ve heard Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll use that phrase countless time over the last 13 seasons. It’s part of his philosophy. A fast start, scoring first, having the lead at halftime can make it easier to win the game, but ultimately it comes down to how the fourth quarter is played.

I couldn’t help but thinking of that phrase during the final week of the baseball regular season. Given the hype, the fast starts and the obvious dominance of a few teams, there’s no way it should have come down to the final two games of the season to determine playoff spots. But it did. Because it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

When we think outside the box scores, that phrase leads us toward Q4 goals and 2024 planning.

What do you need to finish strong?

Maybe it’s more resources, but it could also be more stamina. Or perhaps it’s fewer weekly meetings so you can create larger...

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Sports Conversation Starters for Your Workweek

conversation starters Sep 24, 2023

Reality TV rarely grabs my attention – unless it’s sports.

If you want something truly unscripted, emotional and dramatic give sports a try. I promise the final week of regular season MLB games will deliver. There’s still division title on the line and Wild Card spots up for grabs.

Just like in a reality series, you don’t have to watch the whole episode (game) to find out what happens. You can watch the highlights or ask a fan to fill in the blanks for you.

Baseball is at the top of my list this week, but here is a list of topics you can work into small talk this week.

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